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  • An introduction to the company

    Toseh Masir Gilan co. was founded in February 14, 2011 as a Joint Stock Company and was registered in Companies Registration Office and industrial property of Tehran by No.397353. The responsibility of this firm is production and selling electricity, selling required fuels for power plants, performing all the activities of electricity commercial and the other energy carriers, performing activities related to development and improvement of GILAN combined cycle power plant of GILAN with the capacity of 1350 megawatt.

  • The combination of Shareholders and board members of the company

  • Activities, plans, and to be operated projects

    The firm tries to increase its capital from 10000 million RIALS to 4300000 RIALS according to table below.

    According to annual financial statements in December21, 2014 of OMID TABAN HOUR, the amount of received materials from Toseh Masir Gilan is 1127000 million RIALS which is introduced in order to involvement in increasing capital.

  • CEO


  • Characteristics of GILAN combined cycle power plant

    In order to developing country power network and following studies performed in 1984 in planning office of TAVANIR firm, a plan about constructing a combined cycle power plant with the nominal capacity of 1350 megawatt in GILAN was approved, Acceding to this, in 1985, a 92 hectares area located in kilometer 15 of Rasht was purchased from industrial region of Rasht city and 35 hectares of this land was selected for power plant construction. then and according to contracted treaty with ZIEMENS company (Germany), power plant construction in two phase consisting six gas units in the first phase and three steam units in the second phase was planned. In 2010, according to policies related to Act 44 0f constitutional law, GILAN power Rout Development Company was granted. GILAN combined cycle power plant (GILAN province, 15 kilometers away from east-southern part of RASHT city, in the vicinity of Rasht industrial city, founded in September 22) is one of the combined cycle power plant in Iran with the production capacity of 1305,6 megawatt which is consisted of six 143,2 megawatt gas units ,Model V94.2 and three 148.8 megawatt steam units made by ZIEMENs company. Performance power of power plant is 1326 megawatt in winter and 1137 megawatt in summer. The average of performance power of gas units is 130 megawatt and steam units are 136,8megawatts. The main fuel of units is natural gas and its back-up fuel is gasoline which is stored in five 200000 cubic meters deposits and three additional 154 million liters deposit.


    Construction contract and implementation of power plant units:

    Construction contract of power plant which is consisted of planning, construction and providing facilities which was the responsibility of ZIMENES Company was in two phases. The first phase was consisted of 6gas units and the second phase was consisted of 3 steam units in the form of combined cycle. The first phase contract was signed in June 11, and the second phase contract was signed in August 14, 1990 which according to these contracts, all the facilities of two units should be transported to GILAN factory during 32 months. Executive operation of power plant construction began in 1989 and the first gas unit was developed in 1992 and at the end of the second phase, commercial performance of power plant was performed in 1997.


    Owner of the power plant: GILAN Power Rout Development Company

    Powerhouse exploiter: GILAN Power Management Company

    Generated electricity: equivalent to 1,406,742 MWH in 2014 (5.0% of the total Generated electricity of the country)


    Powerhouse Information and geographic location

    • Height from sea level: 60 meters
    • The average annual temperature: 15. 9 ° C
    • The average annual maximum temperature: 20. 6 ° C
    • The average annual minimum temperature: 11. 3 ° C

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