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  • An introduction to the company

    TADBIR SAZAN SARAMAD COMPANY has been established in September 28, 2011 as a private joint stock company, and registered in Tehran companies’ registration industrial owning office on the number 412157. The main activities of the company are such as: design, construction and exploitation of powerhouses and generating power; transmission and sale of power; accepting loans of RILS and foreign exchange from financial and credit institutions and banks, for the company; operating industrial related and legal commerce activities of any kind; export and import of power based on company’s rules and regulations.

  • The combination of Shareholders and board members of the company

  • Activities, plans, and to be operated projects

    Recently TADBIR SAZAN SARAMAD firm has the responsibility of development and selling electricity of 985 Megawatt Combined Cycle Power Plant of Uremia. The operational phase of the development project of Combined Cycle Power Plant began with the aim of electricity energy required for region and its transition to foreign countries from March21, 2015.An area of about45hectares in western Azerbaijan, in southern part of URUMIA applied for constructing this power plant. Regarding to the activity of Gas part of URUMIA power plant with capacity of 945 Megawatt, the time required for constructing steam part, planning tasks, providing facilities, construction work, installation and implementation will be 36 months. After completion of construction process, the capacity of URUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant will become 1434 megawatts. Total cost of investment in steam part of URUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant is more that 450million euro and 558745 RIALS. Recommended currency facilities will be about 85% and 397million euro (These mentioned facilities will be processed in SANATO MADAN Bank) and the equity of shareholders will be more than 2243812 million RIALS.

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    URUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant: URUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant (URUMIA, located in Kilometer 35 of URUMIA-MAHABAD road in the vicinity of URUMIA Petrochemical factory, development date June 29, 2009) is one of the Combined Cycle Power Plant in Iran with the production capacity of 1434 megawatts which is consisted of six 159 megawatts gas units, model V94.2 and three 160MW steam units in a 120 hectares land which was constructed by Mina firm. Current capacity of the power plant is 954Mw and its steam units and combined cycles still hasn’t reached to the exploitation state.

    The main fuel of this power plant is natural which is stored by Gas pressure regulating station, with the capacity of 300000 cubic meters and gasoline which has 7 deposits with the capacity of 29million liters.

    URUMIA power plant was developed in 2007 and 2008 and was consisted of four gas units with the capacity of 636MW. Fourth and fifth gas units were synchronized in July 11, 2011. According to plan, constructing 3 steam units is in the agenda of Iran electricity development organization.

    In January 2011, Privatization Organization, in order to transfer ORUMIA power plant in to the private sector, gave the power plant to TADBIR SAZAN SARAMAD Company in an auction.

    The main goals of constructing URUMIA Combined Cycle Power Plant are as follows:

    • Stability of electricity voltage network in north-western part of country;
    • Increasing electricity export to neighbor countries;
    • Increasing electricity production of Azerbaijan GHARBI network;
    • Solving voltage reduction problem in Azerbaijan GHARBI;


    Owner of the power plant: TADBIR SAZAN SARAMAD COMPANY


    Generated electricity: equivalent to 3446253MWH in 2014 (3.1% of the total Generated electricity of the country) the third great power plant in the country in western-north of the country


    Powerhouse Information and geographic location

    • Height from sea level: 1350 meters
    • The average annual temperature: 10. 9 ° C
    • The average annual maximum temperature: 17. 6 ° C
    • The average annual minimum temperature: 5. 4 ° C

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